Mycoderm Cream 5 gm

Mycoderm Cream 5 gm

Composition of Mycoderm Cream 5 gm:
Miconazole Topical 2%w/w + Mometasone Topical 0.1%w/w + Nadifloxacin Topical 1%w/w
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Skin infections


Miconazole Topical is generally used in treatment of the treatment of fungal infections.
Mometasone Topical is generally used in treatment of the treatment of allergy symptoms.
Nadifloxacin Topical is generally used in treatment of the treatment of bacterial infections.

Side effects

  • Application site reactions (burning
  • irritation
  • itching and redness)

How it works

Miconazole Topical is a drug thats antifungal. It makes the condition better by destroying the fungal cell membrane resulting in the fungi to die.
Mometasone Topical is a steroid. It blocks the production of some chemical messengers that cause inflammation, redness, swlling & other allergies in the body thereby improving the condition.
Nadifloxacin Topical is an antibiotic. It kills the bacteria that cause infections by preventing the bacterial cells from dividing and repairing.
Q. Can miconazole/ Monistat be used for conditions for BV (bacterial vaginosis), ring worms, and urinary tract infections?
Yes, miconazole can be used for BV (bacterial vaginosis). It is used for treatment and prevention of fungal infections of the oral cavity, ring worms and superinfections due to gram-positive bacteria. Miconazole can be taken in rare fungal infections of the urinary tract

Q. Does miconazole cause burning sensation?
Intake of Miconazole Topical may cause burning sensation on the skin and vaginal burning.

Q. Does miconazole cause dry skin?
Intake of Miconazole Topical does not cause dryness of the skin.

Q. Is miconazole safe for babies?
Yes, Miconazole Topical is safe for babies. It may be used in nappy rashes and oral fungal infections, as advised by the doctor. However, oral gel should not be used in infants < 4 months of age

Q. Is miconazole a steroid?
Miconazole Topical falls under the class of antifungal agents, it is an imidazole (organic compound) and not a steroid.

Q. Is miconazole same as ketoconazole?
Though Miconazole Topical and ketoconazole refers to antifungal medications, they are used for treating different fungal infections.

Q. Does miconazole work for yeast infections?
Miconazole Topical is used for oral and vaginal yeast infections.

Q. Is mometasone a steroid drug?
Mometasone Topical refers to the steroidal drug.

Q. Is mometasone the same as hydrocortisone?
Though both are steroids, Mometasone Topical and hydrocortisone are different drugs.

Q. Does Mometasone Topical treat ringworm/acne?
Mometasone Topical is used to treat the signs of inflamed skin and doesn't work against ringworm/acne.

Q. Does Mometasone Topical lighten skin?
Intake of Mometasone Topical may cause skin lightening due to infection.

Q. Is Nadifloxacin Topical available over the counter?
Yes, Nadifloxacin Topical is available over the counter

Q. Is Nadifloxacin Topical suitable for all patients?
Nadifloxacin Topical is not always suitable for all patients. Do not adjust your dosage without the approval of your doctor

Q. Can Nadifloxacin Topical be used without prescription?
The correct dosage and prescription of Nadifloxacin Topical commonly depend on the patient and the condition being treated. This product is only for use as prescribed and instructed.
  • You have been prescribed Miconazole Topical for the treatment of fungal infections.Do not skip any doses and finish the full course of treatment even if you feel better.
  • Your doctor has prescribed Nadifloxacin Topical to cure your infection and improve symptoms.Do not skip any doses and finish the full course of treatment even if you feel better.

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