Megapen 500 mg Capsule

Megapen 500 mg Capsule

Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Uses of Megapen 500 mg Capsule:
Bacterial infections, Bacterial infections
Composition of Megapen 500 mg Capsule:
Cloxacillin 250mg + Ampicillin 250mg
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Cloxacillin is generally used in treatment of the treatment of bacterial infections.
Ampicillin is generally used in treatment of the treatment of bacterial infections.

Side effects

  • Allergic reaction
  • Diarrhoea
  • Injection site reactions (pain
  • Nausea
  • Rash
  • redness)
  • swelling
  • Vomiting

How to use

Consume this medicine in the dosage and duration as per your doctors advise. While taking Cloxacillin, swallow it completely without crushing, breaking or chewing it. Cloxacillin is advised to be taken at a fixed time, but may be taken together with food (or) without food.Take it with food, if it causes stomach upset
Consume this medicine in the dosage and duration as per your doctors advise. For directions before use, please check the label. Measure it with a measuring cup and take it by mouth. Shake well before use. Ampicillin is to be taken empty stomach.

How it works

Cloxacillin is an antibiotic. It kills bacteria by preventing them from forming their own protective covering which is needed for them to survive.
Ampicillin is an antibiotic. It makes the condition better by preventing the bacteria from forming a bacterial protective covering that's essential for the bacteria to survive, thereby killing them.
Q. Is Cloxacillin a penicillin/antibiotic?
Cloxacillin belongs to a class of medication called penicillin antibiotics. It does not contain penicillin but is structurally similar to it. It is is used to treat bacterial infections in the body affecting the ear, nose, throat, lungs (pneumonia), skin and skin structure infections, urinary bladder infection (cystitis), infection of the valves of the heart, bone infections, especially those caused by the resistant staphylococcus bacteria

Q. What does it treat?
It is also used to treat leprosy and lepra-reaction seen in leprosy, and to prevent infection during surgery

Q. Is Cloxacillin the same as amoxicillin?
Cloxacillin is not the same as amoxicillin, but they belong to the same class of medication called penicillin antibiotics

Q. Is Cloxacillin used for treating tonsillitis/ boils/acne/chlamydia/streptococcus infections?
Cloxacillin is not commonly used to treat tonsillitis/boils/acne/chlamydia. It may be used to treat streptococcus infections but is more commonly used for staphylococcus infections

Q. Does Cloxacillin cause weight gain or sleepiness?
These are no studies showing any relation between weight gain, sleepiness and Cloxacillin use

Q. Does it affect menstruation?
It is not known to affect menstruation

Q. Can I take Advil (ibuprofen)/ Tylenol (paracetamol) with Cloxacillin?
There are no known interactions between Cloxacillin and Advil (ibuprofen)/ Tylenol (paracetamol). But doctor's advice should be followed about taking both the medications together

Q. Is Cloxacillin safe for G6PD?
Yes, Cloxacillin can be safely used in patients who have deficiency of the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD)

Q. Does Cloxacillin expire?
Cloxacillin has an expiry date, beyond which it should not be consumed. Please refer to the pack or package insert for the expiry date.

Q. Is Ampicillin and amoxicillin the same?
Ampicillin and amoxicillin belongs to the same group of penicillin antibiotics, but differ slightly in their uses

Q. Is Ampicillin light-sensitive?
Yes, Ampicillin is light sensitive it should be kept away from sunlight

Q. Does Ampicillin cover anaerobes, listeria?
Ampicillin is used for infections caused by anaerobes and listeria. It is not typically used to treat chlamydia

Q. Is Ampicillin/Megapen a prodrug?
No, Ampicillin is not a prodrug

Q. Is Ampicillin a cephalosporin?
Ampicillin is not a cephalosporin

Q. Can I take Ampicillin for strep throat, tooth infection, sore throat, chlamydial and bacterial vaginitis?
Ampicillin can be used to treat strep throat, tooth infection, sore throat, bacterial vaginitis

Q. Can I take Ampicillin with Advil (ibuprofen), Tylenol (paracetamol) and Benadryl?
Ampicillin can be taken with paracetamol and Benadryl. Ampicillin when taken with ibuprofen may increase the effects of either drug.
  • Make sure you complete the course even if you start to feel better.It is better to take with food to avoid an upset stomach.Diarrhea may occur as a side effect but should stop when your course is complete. Inform your doctor if it doesn't stop or if you find blood in your stools.Discontinue Cloxacillin and inform your doctor immediately if you get a rash, itchy skin, swelling of face and mouth, or have difficulty in breathing.
  • Ampicillin is used to treat infections caused by bacteria.Take it with food and plenty of fluids to avoid an upset stomach.Finish the prescribed course of Ampicillin, even if you start to feel better. Stopping it early may make the infection come back and harder to treat.Diarrhea may occur as a side effect. Taking probiotics along with Ampicillin may help. Talk to your doctor if you notice bloody stools or develop abdominal cramps.Stop taking Ampicillin and inform your doctor immediately if you develop an itchy rash, swelling of the face, throat or tongue or breathing difficulties while taking it.

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