Anolet 2.5 mg Tablet

Anolet 2.5 mg Tablet

Uses of Anolet 2.5 mg Tablet:
Breast cancer, Infertility due to anovulation
Composition of Anolet 2.5 mg Tablet:
Letrozole 2.5mg
MRP: 150
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Letrozole is generally used in treatment of breast cancer and infertility due to anovulation

Side effects

  • Fatigue
  • Hot flushes
  • Hypercholesterolaemia
  • Increased sweating
  • muscle or joint) pain
  • Musculoskeletal (bone

How to use

Consume this medicine in the dosage and duration as per your doctors advise. While taking Letrozole, swallow it completely without crushing, breaking or chewing it. Letrozole is advised to be taken at a fixed time, but may be taken together with food (or) without food.

How it works

Letrozole is a aromatase inhibitor. It works by decreasing the amount of oestrogen (natural female hormone) produced in the body. This can slow or stop the growth of some breast cancers that need oestrogen to grow. In addition, it is also useful in infertility whereby it increases the release of certain hormones to stimulate the release of eggs from the ovaries.
Q. Is Letrozole a steroid, a hormone, a selective estrogen receptor modulator, or cytotoxic?
Letrozole is not a steroid, hormone, selective estrogen receptor modulator or cytotoxic drug. Letrozole is an aromatase inhibitor.

Q. Can I take Letrozole with ibuprofen/Advil, vitamins, paracetamol, glucosamine, magnesium, zinc?
Letrozole can be taken with ibuprofen/Advil, vitamins, paracetamol, glucosamine, magnesium, and zinc. However, please consult your doctor before use.

Q. Does Letrozole cause hair loss, headache, insomnia, water retention, high blood pressure, bloating, and acne?
Letrozole may cause hair loss, headache, insomnia, bloating, and high blood pressure. Letrozole does not cause water retention and acne.
  • You have been prescribed Letrozole for the treatment of breast cancer or infertility due to anovulation.It can be taken with or without food.Don't drive or do anything requiring concentration until you know how Letrozole affects you.It may cause increased sweating and hot flushes. Try to keep cool by wearing light, airy clothes.Your doctor may monitor your cholesterol level and bone mineral density (BMD) regularly as Letrozole can alter their levels.Do not take Letrozole if you are pregnant or breastfeedingÂ

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