Amlenox Oral Paste 5 gm

Amlenox Oral Paste 5 gm

Zuventus Healthcare Ltd
Uses of Amlenox Oral Paste 5 gm:
Mouth sores
Composition of Amlenox Oral Paste 5 gm:
Amlexanox 50mg
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Amlexanox is generally used in treatment of the treatment of mouth sores.

Side effects

  • Application site pain
  • Burning sensation
  • Stinging sensation

How to use

Amlexanox is meant for external use only. Use it in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. For directions before use, please check the label.

How it works

Amlexanox is an anti-aphthous ulcer drug. It works by blocking the production of certain chemical messengers that cause inflammation (swelling), redness and pain due to mouth sores/ulcers. It does so by sticking to the wet surfaces of the mouth and forming a protective film over the ulcer/injured surfaces. This speeds up healing.
  • You have been prescribed Amlexanox for the treatment of mouth sores.The best time to apply the medication is after brushing/flossing post meals and at bedtime.Avoid direct contact with the eye. In case of contact, eye should be promptly washed with ample amount of water.It may cause temporary pain and burning at the application site. Inform your doctor if this does not go away.If significant healing/ pain relief has not occurred in 10 days, consult your dentist or physician.Stop using Amlexanox and inform your doctor if you notice skin rash, new mouth ulcers or white patches inside your mouth or on your lips.

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