Hallucinations And Delusions – A Result to No Sleep

No Sleep Results to Hallucinations And Delusions
No Sleep Results to Hallucinations And Delusions - Pulse Pharmacy Pharmacy

Sleep plays a significant role in healthy life and well-being. A good night sleep gives us energy and makes us stay active all the day. Nowadays, people often fall prey to sleep problems. Poor sleep makes you drowsy and affects the overall quality of your life. It can cripple you physically, mentally and emotionally. Have you ever wondered, what happens to the human body, when you stay awake for long hours? This article will tell you what happens with poor sleep quality. Hallucinations And Delusions occurs because of no sleep for long hours.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an adult should get a sound sleep for 7-8 hours. Many people tend to nap an extra 2-3 hours during the weekends to compensate the lost sleep over the course of a busy week. This practice will drop your body's internal clock and you will end up in "Sunday night insomnia". What if you stay awake for 24 hours and more? For your clear perception, we have segregated the no sleep timings along with hours and its consequences.

No sleep for 24 hours

Sleep deprivation for 24 hours will affect your cognitive skills. According to a study published in the International Journal of occupational medicine and environmental health, no sleep for 24 hours or more is equivalent to the cognitive impairment of someone with a blood alcohol content of 0.10 percent. There is a decline in decision-making ability and hand-eye coordination.

No sleep for 36 hours

Staying awake without sleep for 36 hours will worsen your condition and you are at risk. The cognitive skills deteriorate and you mind difficult to recall faces. Your brain may start to do weird things and lots of pressure on your brain is imposed. Not only your brain is stressed but your heart too. Your heart rate is increased causing high blood pressure. Altogether your health is at great risk.

No sleep for 48 hours

After two days of no sleep, your body and mind are under unusual stress. The person begins to experience disorientation and microsleeps. Microsleep is an uncontrollable short episode of sleep that last for fraction of a second to 10 full seconds. It happens when a sleepy person attempts to stay awake. Most of them are not aware of the microsleeps and it is similar to a blackout. Moreover, some studies reveal that not having slept for 48 hours, their white blood cells begin to diminish. As a result, immunity is reduced and makes them prone to diseases.

No sleep for 72 hours

After many sleepless days, you are now literally fully awake neither asleep. You experience significant deficits in concentration, cognitive skills, perception, and other brain functions. No sleep for 72 hours causes some weird things to happen within your body and at this juncture, you have hallucinations. Even your daily works may seem to be a daunting task. Eventually, you end with the symptoms of psychosis- hallucinations, and delusions.

Sleep deprivation causes symptoms of psychosis

As said earlier sleepless days may trigger hallucinations and delusions. These symptoms are associated with psychosis- that involves a loss of contact with reality. This sleep deprivation causes thought disorder, misperceptions and impair daily life activities. A research found that more than 24 hours of sleep deprivation caused numerous symptoms which are otherwise typically attributed to psychosis.


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