Why Your Baby Moves At Night When You Are Pregnant

Why Your Baby Moves At Night When You Are Pregnant - Pulse Pharmacy

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“Normal” Movements

Pregnant are always excited to feel their baby’s movements inside. As it may seem, every baby is different while in the womb than after it enters the world. According to the American Pregnancy Association, by your seventh or eighth month of your pregnancy, a woman might observe a set pattern in her baby’s behavior and preferences. In general, all movement is great movement, no matter when it occurs.

“Normal” Movements

At seven months of pregnancy period, most of the time your baby is sleeping in a day. According to the Psychology says that baby still moving, but, “Psychology Today” indicates that baby will move at least 50 times per hour. The pattern might vary on a daily basis, but the movements follow a more predictable pattern as you approach the due date.

When you’re on the go, you’re not as aware of his movements as you are in the evenings and night time, when you’re sitting silently. This might be particularly true if you’re not far along into your pregnancy. You might not feel every hiccup, blink, and reach of his hand if you’re preoccupied. You might only see his forceful kicks when something really gets a rise out of him.


One of the reasons that might explain why your baby seems to be more active at night could be that it is alert at a time when it is n’t feeling any activity or movement around. During the day, while you are moving around a lot, you might almost be rocking your baby into a sleep mode. When you sleep, that movement stops, and the baby may start amazing what is happening in its surroundings.

Moreover, Fetuses can also start responding to by the seventh month of gestation and express a preference to its mother’s voice. If your baby hears new voices in the surroundings, it might cause your baby to become more active when you watching television and not speaking yourself, there may be a lot of new voices for her to deal with it. According to “Psychology Today,” says, he triggers could be something as simple as what you usually eat for a late-night snack. If it’s something with a strong flavor, your amniotic fluid will pick up that scent, and your baby might notice and react to that change, also.


If you feel that your baby really moving especially at night, you should simply sit down and still for a while at midday. Turn on the television, or Continue with your routine tasks. Notice if your baby reacts even if you carry on with your daily activities. Make note of any distractions. you might realize that your baby is moving more during daytime hours than you thought. even your baby is quiet and still, you don’t have to panic at once. as long as the baby continues to be active at night. It might as well be that your child is developing its own pattern of sleeping. But should you indeed notice anything alarming, you should consult with your doctor to rule out problems.


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