Attention Universal Donors: You Must Be Cautious If Your Blood Type Is “O”

You Must Be Cautious If Your Blood Type Is “O”

Blood type O is the “universal donor” and this blood group is frequently needed by the hospitals to save lives. The compatibility of this blood group makes it vital. But people with blood group O should be extra careful. A research conducted by the Biomed Central reveals that people with blood type O are at high risk of death from severe trauma. This article will outline the important pieces of information on the blood type O and its risks.

Blood type O could be a potential risk factor for hemorrhage

Blood group O is linked with high death rates occurring due to severe trauma. Scientists found that severe trauma patients with blood group O are more prone to death, that is 28% higher when compared to other blood types. A severe trauma causes loss of blood that can be fatal and studies connected with blood types and trauma are limited. After conducting several studies, researchers have confirmed that blood type O is at higher risk of hemorrhage.

von Willebrand factor(vWF)

People with blood group O are found to have low levels of von Willebrand factor when compared to other blood types. von Willebrand factor is a blood glycoprotein and it plays a vital role in hemostasis(the process of stopping the bleeding occurring from an injury). The reason behind higher death rate of trauma patients with blood type O is they have low levels of this blood clotting agent- von Willebrand factor.

Japanese patients

The research was conducted in 901 Japanese patients who were in emergency care due to severe trauma. The results were there were higher death rates for people with blood group O. The study carried out was only with Japanese patients and further studies are required to find if the findings apply to other racial groups.


The researchers concluded that further research is required for more deeper analysis and understanding. Researchers are investigating the result of their study and planning to develop best treatments for severe trauma patients.