#7 Ways To Stay Healthy This Christmas Season


It's silent night! Yes, Christmas is nearing. It's time to decorate your Christmas tree and sing Christmas carol with loved ones. This season is also called the "festive season" where people indulge in celebrations from late November to early January. The vibrant stars, bright lights, Christmas gifts, and the Santa Claus spreads the Christmas spirit across the country. Send medicines to your loved ones at 20% cask from Pulse Pharmacy Pharmacy.

Christmas is the time to indulge in fun and feast. You will be tempted to eat everything as there are cakes, meals, buffets and lots of alcohol around you. You might feel irresistible to your favorite treats. We take in about 500 extra calories a day over Christmas and probably you don't want to start your new year bloated and unhealthy. This article will resolve your problem, read on to know how to stay fit and healthy this Christmas.

Do not overstuff

Christmas is the time of the year where you overindulge in eating your favorite foods. Christmas Eve dinner or the whole day's festive eating, have you noticed how much calories you intake? Studies show that an average person eats more than 7000 calories which is double than recommended daily allowance for men and women. Along with more calories, this huge feast gives you weight gain. At the end of the day, you feel uncomfortable with heartburn and indigestion.

The idea is, do not overstuff yourselves with more calories. Instead, eat the recommended serving size of the food. An average woman needs to eat 2000 calories per day and 2500 calories for an average man. So stick to it and think before you eat.

Keep winter illnesses at Bay

It's cold outside! As the temperature drops and days become darker soon, there are so many air-borne diseases waiting to invade you. Along with the cold breeze, winter season brings cold, flu, stuffy nose and sluggishness. We all might be in festive thoughts but do remember to take care of your body too. Keep your body warm and toasty during these coldest days.

People with weak immune system fall prey to those winter contagious diseases. Following a healthy lifestyle, and proper hygiene will prevent you from winter illnesses. Washing your hand thoroughly will help you a lot and can prevent the germs spreading to the touchable surfaces. Eat the right foods that keep your body warm and builds your immunity. Getting enough sleep and quitting smoking will make you strong enough to fight winter viruses.

Prevent stress

Christmas comes in one day of a year and it's time to have fun and parties. Most of the people find themselves feeling lethargic and exhausted during the winter days. People tend to stay indoors afraid of the cold weather outside. Lack of social exposure causes depression and stress. Some people even suffer from Seasonal affective disorder(SAD) that causes depression at the same time of the year.

Seasonal affective disorder(SAD) is more prevalent during the winter season and also called "winter depression". Most of the people aren't aware that they have this condition. Studies show that less exposure to sunlight can also trigger this seasonal affective disorder. In order to keep your mood and spirit good, get outside, enjoy the beauty of nature. Keep yourself engaged and active. Indulge in decorating your home for the Christmas.

Limit on the booze

You may be celebrating and it doesn't mean that you booze all day long. Of course, it's time to toast the festive season with loved ones but limit your intake to just one glass. Alcohol is one of the hidden sources of calories in our diets. Alcohol contains a lot of calories - 83 calories are there in 100 grams of wine which can interfere with your blood sugar levels.

Alcohol consumption slows down your body's metabolism which suppresses fat oxidation and promotes weight gain. Alcohol will also hamper your eating habits and lifestyle. Boozing can also lower your exercising capacities which cause palpitations and difficulty in performing workouts. Be in healthy conscious and restrict your alcohol consumption.

Stay active

It's holiday season, that doesn't mean you watch TV and stay idle in your home. so don't just sit down all day long. Don't skip your exercise routine, choose to stay active as much as possible. Step out and cut your own Christmas tree instead of buying from the shop. You will burn off calories and combat some of the blood-sugar effects of the sugar cookies you ate.

You can also go out for a long walk after your dinner which will help aid in digestion. Another great idea is to spend your Christmas healthily is playing. Yes, playing will not only recall your childhood memories but helps you stay young and healthy. Do some fun activity, go outside and have a snowball fight. Stick to your workout plans, have fun and laughter.

Eat fruits and vegetables

To be honest most of us forget about the healthy fruits and veggies while planning your Christmas menu. Eating a balanced diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Your Christmas feast foods may contain lots of calories which leads to weight gain.

Be mindful of what you eat. Increases your fruits and vegetable intake to get the necessary vitamins and minerals. Eating baked items late night on festive days can cause various gut problems. Adequate intake of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables can curb gut problems. Ensure that your Christmas shopping has lots of fruits and veggies on the list.

Contribute and do something for others

Christmas is not only a season of giving and receiving gifts. Try something to share with others like baking an extra cake for your neighbors and inviting an acquaintance for Christmas dinner. All these sharing and contributions will fill your heart and can keep your spirit healthy.

"Sharing is caring" which gives you happiness and peacefulness. Sharing your belongings with poor children and people will add more meaning to this season. Sharing and caring bring harmony amongst the people in the societies. Positive thoughts create positive energy which improves your mental health. This Christmas season spread the love and compassion.