#6 Surprising health benefits of curry leaves

Curry leaves are one of the preventive measures for many diseases.

Curry leaves are from the curry tree, scientifically named Murraya koenigii. This curry plant is native to India and used as a seasoning ingredient in Indian dishes. Many of us are ignorant about the miracle health benefits of this leaf and just throw it away while eating. For your surprise, this potent leaf is packed with plenty of health benefits. In Ayurveda, curry leaves are considered to have several medicinal properties, they are anti-diabetic, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory. This article will unleash the health benefits of curry leaves that you will be surprised to know.

Health benefits of curry leaves

Curry leaves contain antioxidant properties and have cancer-fighting properties. Here is an array of health benefits for your well-being.

Anti-diarrheal properties

Curry leaves can cure diarrhea. Yes, i am serious! A research concludes that curry leaves have anti-diarrheal properties, as curry leaves contain carbazole alkaloids. Animal studies showed that carbazole extract from curry leaves can control castor-oil induced diarrhea. Curry leaves can also support your digestive system and relieves constipation.

Top tip: Curry leaves can be consumed raw, which will act as a mild laxative.

Cures digestive problems

Curry leaves are the best for digestive and gastrointestinal issues. Curry leaves are good for the digestive system as they stimulate digestive enzymes. Thus relieves indigestion, gastric problems, and dysentery.

Top tip: Eat raw tender curry leaves on empty stomach for best results.

Anti-diabetic Properties

Curry leaves have anti-hyperglycemic properties and can keep your diabetes under control. Including curry leaves in your eating regime can protect and stimulate insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. This will keep your blood sugar levels low. Moreover, a study conducted on diabetic rats showed that curry leaves can reduce blood glucose levels.

Top tip: Consume plenty of curry leaves raw or in meals.

Anti-cancer properties

As said earlier, curry leaves contain carbazole alkaloids extracts, which has cancer-fighting properties. Curry leaves also contain phenols which help fight against prostate and colorectal cancers.

Top tip: Add more curry leaves to your eating regime to reduce oxidative cell damage.


You might have seen your grandma using curry leaves for hair. Curry leaves are the best to prevent hair loss, premature graying and dandruff. This can stimulate your hair follicle growth thereby reducing hair loss and giving you thick lustrous hair.

Top tip: Grind dried curry leaves into a fine powder and mix it with coconut oil. Massage this mixture into the scalp, leave it for half an hour and then wash.

Relieves morning sickness and nausea

Pregnant women in their first trimester suffer from morning sickness and nausea. Curry leaves can relive this nausea and vomiting owing to its inherent flavor and digestive properties.

Top tip: Boil some curry leaves and strain the leaves. Drink this to avoid nausea and vomiting.

Bottomline: Apart from above said benefits curry leaves can improve eyesight, sharpens memory, and heals wounds and burns. Use this curry leaves for a sound betterment of health.