#5 Benefits of Cardamom Help You Lose Weight

5 Benefits of Cardamom Help You Lose Weight - Pulse Plus

Spices can do much more than perk up a meal. With alternative therapy using the world by storm, people are turning to their spice cupboards for cures to everything from diabetes to dental problems. Cardamom, much like the shady reaches of the forest it grows in, has quietly lent its sweet aroma to kitchens around the world, but with less fanfare than cinnamon or cloves. But now, with researchers recognizing the ability of this green pod-shaped spice to help with weight loss, that’s set to change.

Cardamom has long been an ayurvedic staple for clearing up ama or toxins in the body. Modern science recognizes this as its diuretic effect – water retention can make you look full. Cardamom is used to reduce the bad cholesterol and triglycerides, and increase glucose tolerance, all of which raise your risk of metabolic symptoms. it can also prevent deposition of fat in the stomach, It can also control gut flora and boost digestion.

Health benefits cardamom - Pulse Plus

1.Prevents Fat Deposition In The Abdomen

Cardamom helps fend off fat accumulation in a common problem area – the abdominal region. For several people, the fat tends to sit around the belly, putting them at risk of a host of metabolic problems and even cardiovascular problems.

Research tells us that cardamom powder taken as a supplement may help prevent this inside fat deposition. In a study, researchers induced abnormal lipid levels, peritoneal fat deposition, and glucose intolerance in rats by feeding them a high-carb and high-fat diet.

2. Prevents Water Retention

Water retention and bloating can also occur in weight gain. If you suspect this is partly behind the extra pounds you are carrying, cardamom can be very useful. Dubbed a natural diuretic in Ayurveda, cardamom can help your body discharge the extra water that’s being retained in the form of urine. As one study found, when given to test animals, it caused a significant rise in the volume of urine generated by the subjects. In fact, researchers found its effects comparable to a regular commercial diuretic.

3. Reduces Bad Cholesterol

cardamom multi-pronged attack, it comes as no surprise that its fat-busting properties will also help lower blood cholesterol levels. The anti-hyperlipidemic activity, in particular, is beneficial to those with cholesterol problems, a common complaint about those who are overweight or obese. As a study on obese and overweight prediabetic women found, green cardamom powder was able to reduce the bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, thereby significantly lowering the total cholesterol levels. However, cardamom also lowered the good HDL cholesterol lightly, but this drop was less significant than what the control group experienced. The researchers declared that cardamom has a protective effect on the HDL levels.

4. Reduces Bloating

Chronic indigestion can also lead to bloating, and cardamom is a general treatment for gastrointestinal disorders in Unani medicine. Cardamom extract from the fruit and the rind has many compounds that can fight common microbes like Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

5.Clears Up The “Ama” Or Toxins

According to Ayurveda, certain ailments or illnesses of the body can result from the buildup of excess “ama” or toxin. It is likened to a sticky substance that can block normal circulation and reduce energy levels. Preventing this from your body is done by consuming ama-reducing foods, one of which is cardamom. A spicy tea that is made with cardamom is one such suggested remedy.


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